Monday, September 17, 2012

WTF T-Shirt Of The Day

I dare you to wear this in public.

Thanks (?), Sheri Guyse and Cloe Oliver, for the link.


"The most beautiful thing a parent can ever witness is the birth of their child. Why not re-enact this amazing moment for your mum and dad over and over and over again?

Illustration by the fantastically talented Kristal Melson."

"Does this shirt make me look like a twat?"

"Ew, what's that sme-- oh, never mind."


  1. "fantastically talented" haha!

    If they want this to be realistic, they should make an episiotomy slash in the fabric in the back "V" of the neckline.

  2. I tend to be one foul-minded individual with a good sense of humor, however this one made me gag.
    Plus, the labia are not nearly swollen enough as they tend to be after multiple pushes. Mine looked like purple bratwurst.

  3. That's one hell of a prolapse. and old school hairy vag. No brazillians here!



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