Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photos Of The Day: 9 Eyes

From The Atlantic:

"Jon Rafman's Selections from 9 Eyes of Google Street View.... culled unintentional portraits of people going about their lives as the Google van rumbled by. He found the art embedded inside this decidedly prosaic mapping exercise."

Photos from

Many more at 9-eyes.


  1. I love these. So many random things going on.

  2. Dogs are stupid, that is why I love them.

  3. I love these! There is an artistic element to them I find very intriguing. Very, very cool. (I'll be on the lookout for one of these vans from now on!)

  4. Some of these are unsettling, eerie. And oh, hey, there's a tiger walking across the parking lot. WTF?!

  5. Ahh! ¿Por qué hay dos lunas durante el día? ¡Mis ojos arden como el fuego! ¡Por favor Mami, haz que se detenga!

  6. These are pretty cool. You never know what you're going to see. I wonder why that one little guy is hiding behind the trash can.

    One of my blogger friends saw one of the Google vehicles where she is in Canada and posted pictures of it on her blog. I thought that was amusing in an ironic sort of way.

  7. I'm on Google Earth! I actually followed the Google car one day on the highway, and a few months later when I zoom in on the area where we were, there I am! You can even see me sitting behind the wheel, and my Wendy's cup in the cupholder beside me! I made sure I kept pace with that car for a couple miles!

  8. LOVED this!!! Thanks for sharing!!



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