Monday, September 24, 2012

25 Great Local News Interviewee Descriptions Of The Day

The only reason to watch local news. Thanks for the link, Melanie H.

See the rest here.


  1. What? Forced to change his shirt? What is going on in Small Town America?
    You know, this is how it all starts. One day they want you to change your shirt and the next day they're telling you to shower more often, or put on shoes, or put your penis away. It never ends! I'm an American, dammit! If I want to wear a "Choose Life" t-shirt that goes to my knees, that clearly counts as underwear & pants, too. I don't care what you say.
    I like horses.

  2. Ha! Those local news crews are out there getting the job done and amusing us at the same time. :-D

  3. It's the guys in Master Control and editing that do this shit on purpose to get some laughs!

  4. The poor guy who loves bone lick park must be getting a lot of shit lately, I wonder if he quit his job?

  5. Years ago some kind of kerfuffle happened at our school over a girl dyeing her hair bright pink, and the eventual shitstorm when she refused to dye it back. The local news crew came and covered the "story" and a few of the students got on camera to give their opinions.

    One of them being my buddy John who was a notorious prankster, who put on a fake french accent and claimed to be a foreign exchange student named Megratte Boules.

    I'll save you the trouble, "me gratte boules" translates to my balls itch. His french teacher reportedly shot coffee out his nose in the teacher's lounge when he saw the news at lunch.

  6. Hilarious, Cam.

    Merlallen, I love it when you give 'em hell in The Smoking Gun comments. So many dickholes in there! Keep up the good work. I've got your back.

    1. Thanks dude, I wasn't sure anyone noticed. Tru crime wasn't very pleased with me. haha my comment got a lot of likes though.

  7. "Norman Fineman has seen it all".

    I think we should wear t-shirts saying that in response to those psuedo-intellectuals who wear their "Who is John Galt?" shirts and look sniffily down on us when we stride into $tarbuck'$ for our morning infusion.

  8. I love this almost as much as the captcha post. Almost.

  9. Santos uses aphrodisiacs - on potential partners as this is the only way he should be able to dip his wick in a sane world.

    Bone Lick Park is a lovely Korean fellow. There is nothing shameful in the love of two consenting grown men and I salute David Boyer for the courage in going on television to challenge the bigots.

    We all want "Former Monkey Owner" on our CVs. Go on, admit it...

  10. Re POTD: cute! A theme seems to be in today's post: All Things Furry (dog, MOTD, Guy forced to change shirt - he is rather furry, eh?). Where's Robin Williams? That ginger has quite a mop top, too.

  11. That's one big cat. Whoever writes these has to love their job!



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