Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Most Unappetizing Food Photos On Instagram (Of The Day)

Trying to diet? This will help. From Buzzfeed.


 Stouffer's lasagna. Cooked for fifty-eight hours instead of minutes. Dad never could work that microwave.

 The middle one looks like a deep-fried squid. Eyes and all.


 Sizzler side salad: $0.69 (dressing included and no, you can't have it on the side.)

 A child made this

 Ham 'n' beans 'n' Hershey's syrup

 Needs more raisins blueberries

 Giant pan o' cheese. Does it really matter what's underneath?

I found something just like this growing under a rotten stump I dug up in my yard.

 That's either custard or someone's saved bacon grease.

 That steak just twitched.


 The Thing

 Salmon croak-ettes?

 I wonder whose tongue that is.

 Pan-fried earlobes. Yum.

How fries die.

 Are those maggots?

Church-supper reject. At least they tried to class it up with a styrofoam plate. Paper is so gauche.

See more here if you're a glutton. For food or punishment.


  1. These captions are hilarious! I can't choose a favorite--growing under a rotten stump, Bobbitts-in-a-blanket, Pan-fried earlobes, maggots--they all made me laugh. Great post! :D

  2. Yes, thank you- all cravings abolished. p.s. Axle Rose called; He'll take one of everything to go. And a Diet Coke.

  3. The giant pan o' cheese looks like many a non-healing wound I saw during my life in the medical profession. Probably looks the same after "debridement" as well. o_0

    Seriously, people - either learn how to take decent pictures of food (not easy), or don't take them at all. Hint: taking and sharing snapshots of your dinner taken with your iPhone is never, EVER going to be a good thing.

  4. I love the comments... maggots hahaha

  5. mmmmm... They remind me of my all time Scottish delicacy favorite at 11pm on a Friday pub night - a MunchyBox

  6. Thanks, Leisa.

    NICE, Cabsie. Nice.



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