Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sh*t My Kids Ruined (Of The Day)

These are funny because they are just too real. Children are so precious -- bless their destructive little hearts. (I'll spare you the photos of what my kids ruined: my waist, my boobs, and my tenuous grasp on sanity.) There are many more examples here. -- RichGirlRed

Tyler knew there was candy in his mom's bathroom somewhere, and he would find it.

White laptop + kid + Sharpie = Xanax with a bourbon chaser

I was actually relieved to discover this was peanut butter.

The photo that started it all. One quart of black paint on an oriental rug.

Mr. Potato Head is SO toasted. Literally. In the gas fireplace.

Celebrities aren't exempt. John Legend's nephew ruined his Grammy.

Obviously, soft skin is a priority for this chap.

ZuZu Pets made terrible combs. Her hair got wound up in the wheels and had to be cut off.

Teenage driver, wrong pedal. Oops.

"I sent my 4 year old son out to get in the car while I was wrestling my newborn into his car seat all the while forgetting that I had locked all the doors. Who knew that he was so strong and so determined and so hell bent on destroying the newly PAID OFF car."

What have your kids ruined?


  1. Just her own stuff - thank God. Admittedly, when she ruined her smile I was heart broken. Three years old, playing in the neighbor's garage with his kids, jumped up and down on a chair and smashed face first into the concrete floor. Four years later, we are still waiting for the adult teeth to replace the two she knocked out. She has a teething ring because the gums hurt where they are coming in.

  2. It seems like these could be divided into two different groups. The first group are toddlers that typically don't know better. Their disasters could've been avoided if someone had kept an eye on them. The second group is kids who are just out to ruin your carpet/computer/car/house/life. Their vengeance is deliberate and hateful.

    Teenagers should probably be put in group 1, though, because of their sheer ignorance. No teen is smart enough to plan the horrific stunts they pull.

  3. Poor Mr. Potato Head. Haha. Great list, RGR!

    Windows were broken several times by my kids-- just one of those things that happen when boys play baseball in the back yard.

    The back windshield of my car was broken by my younger son when he was about three years old and swinging a croquet mallet around. He was playing an improvised game of hockey in the garage with his older brother.

  4. I've had broken windows, lamps, beautiful artwork drawn on freshly painted walls (that had to be Kilz'd 3 times to cover), a candle left in a hot car and then knocked over, and a ruined microwave because my 3 year old tried to cook her own hot dog. For 30 minutes. God love 'em.

  5. I thought I was bad as a kid, apparently my youngest nephew is the king. The last time my sister-in-law was up for a visit she told me all about his latest adventures.

    1.) While playing on a swing in their backyard he somehow disconnected one of the chains mid-swing which sent it flying through a back window of their house.

    2.) He drove three golf balls through my brother's brand new metal yard shed. As in, all the way through. My brother was not amused.

    3.) After being told to pick up his toys, he threw most of them out his open second story bedroom window and onto the glass topped table on the back porch, breaking the glass into a million tiny pieces.

    4.) Drove his RC truck through mud puddles, and then across the living room carpet.

    5.) While helping my brother take out the recycling he clipped the ear off an antique lawn ornament his mom had in her family since the depression.

    6.) Instead of waiting for my brother to help him he drove a four-wheeler off the bed of a truck and snapped the front suspension, and popped a tire. Nearly $350 to fix.

    Like I said, the kid is the king.

  6. I love SMKR! Makes me feel slightly better about our (relatively minor) mishaps.

  7. Kids wreck anything they can get their sticky little hands on! lmao Remotes, phones, chargers, toilets, walls, ceilings, books, tables, walls, make-up---oooo do they like the make-up..........and the list goes on.



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