Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rock Stars Then And Now

Getting old sucks--more for some than for others. With a couple of exceptions on both sides, the women seem to be faring better than the men.

Who looks the best? The worst?

More at NBC Connecticut.


  1. Okay, I have to admit that some of these people looked familiar but I wasn't 100% positive...and had to ask my guy for help.

    Anyway, Sting = still totally hawt now. Eddie VH still looks good, especially given all he's been through. Joan and Pat look great! Grace Slick looks like someone's nice grandma now :).

    I had a major crush on Steve Perry back in the '80's, but sadly, he's gone the bloat route a la Val Kilmer, so no thanks.

    Rod Stewart has always creeped me out at every age, and Steven Tyler sort of looks the same.

    Mick.... Which reminds me - where is Keith? He has looked like a corpse for the past couple of decades.

    Neil looks like he'd be fun to have a beer with.

  2. You were very kind with your selection of current Axle Rose pic-- we've all seen *way* worse recent pics of that mess...

    Sting looks great, I'd hit that at any age.

    Bob Dylan looks like my grandmother. All he needs is a smart Talbots blouse and some sensible Farragamo pumps.

  3. Meatloaf, huge improvement.

    Linda Ronstadt, menopause will do that to you.

    Pat Benetar looks better -- I always thought she looked like Cruella DeVille.

    I tell you though, I'm not one to throw stones, y'know?

  4. Joan and Meat actually look better now

  5. Steve Perry, ouch. Dylan seems to have morphed into Carlos Santana.
    Axl Rose zombified himself years ago - he's somewhere between Mickey Rourke & Candyman on the monster scale.

  6. Abba looks totally freaky now, but Meatloaf looks pretty good (who'd have EVER thought I'd say such a thing about him?! lmao) And the msotd? He looks like he's about to use the quart o'blood technique. lmfao

    1. And I just realized that that's Heart, not Abba. I'm losing it.

  7. And Johnny Rotton? Looks like Bruce Willis now. haha

  8. steve perry should be on the "guys who look like lesbians" page.
    meat does look better, tho.

  9. HOLY SH*T.
    it hit me after I posted...GRACE SLICK.

  10. Axl should have stayed away from the surgeon, looks like Sarah Ferguson now. Joan Jett looks just the same. David Coverdale used to be so hot, now looks like a 70 year old woman with a good stylist.

  11. Happen to tune in a replay of the Woodstock movie during the JA segment just yesterday. Grace was a lovely girl. OMG WTF happened to her.....tick tick tick BOOM. She been drinking Jager for the last 40 years?

    Heart girls still look good and can still play/sing.

    Rod hasn't aged well, nor Dylan .... and Mick!! - well fuck oh dear dude, I guess you had it coming marrying way out of your network for so long?

  12. Anyone under fifty who is shocked by some of these, just wait. Your turn is coming.

  13. (^^ there was supposed to be an evil laugh after that, but it fell off somehow...)

  14. Wrong, Dr. Toni: Getting old doesn't suck....getting old and desperately trying to turn the clock back sucks. And what sucks even more is getting old and not having access to health care, cuz for sho, lots of these folks would have been dead long time gone if not for the bucks for serious health care (liver issues, for one). I'm not getting political, I'm just saying...



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