Thursday, August 23, 2012

News: Mom Unaware That Note She Packed In Son's Lunch Is Getting Him Beaten Up Right Now

From The Onion.

Mom Unaware Little Note She Packed With Son's Lunch Getting Him Beaten Up Right Now

SUN VALLEY, ID—Dental hygienist and mother June Treadway, 36, appears unaware that the thoughtful note she wrote at 6:30 a.m. and slipped into her son's lunch is the reason why he's now getting the shit kicked out of him, witnesses confirmed Thursday. 

"I like to leave a message in there each day so he gets a nice little surprise at lunchtime," Treadway said of the note taped to a cup of mandarin oranges that is currently being dumped over the 10-year-old's head as he is mercilessly made fun of for eating "pussy food." 

"It's just my way of letting him know that, even if he's having a hard day at school, there's someone at home who will always be there for him." 

Reports indicated Treadway is also unaware that, later tonight, the bully who taunted her son will read the note aloud to himself and pretend it's from his own mother, who abandoned her family eight years ago.


  1. That was a tug at your heart twist at the end there. I liked it. I wasn't expecting that, especially from the Onion.

    I would be the first to admit that we moms can be clueless sometimes.

  2. On behalf of all sons I gotta say this isn't too much of an exaggeration.

    The guys who got notes from mom may not have gotten the shit beat out of them, but they sure as hell got razzed by everyone until something more embarrassing happened.

  3. Aww... *sniff* I guess I'll stop with the notes.

    No, I won't.

  4. Love it! My mom used to do that...and it really was a nice surprise, especially for a "latch key kid". God Bless all the moms...except for the ones that hurt their children. They can just go to Hell.



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