Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Word Verifications Of The Day

A few captchas I saved from Facebook over the years.

"No, Mr. Urinated, I do not have a pair of shorts you can borrow."

"Oh my God," said the Lone Ranger, after Tonto scalped the wrong guy, "You are such an Apache."

"Fine," sighed the frustrated R.A. "If you knuckleheads can't remember to flush your nasty dumps, I'll just let the Potties Administration handle it."

Rob sad. Rob jump. Rob splat.

"I am Capt. Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise. My mission: To baldly go where no baldy has gone before."

"Don't be actin' all chastely and shit. I know you pulled a train at the Lambda house last night."

"You give a guy 14 buenos and one malo, and what does he remember? The malo."

"Well, well, aren't we the ambitious cocoanut," said the CEO to the mail room noob after she offered to blow him for a promotion.

"I wish someone would pay me to sit around all day scratching my nuts and making hilario."

"What fuckin' bumpkin agency did you come from?" Lawrence asked the temp in sweat pants.

The Divvied And The Damned... weeksdays on CBS.

Many are, yes. You don't want them explained, trust me.

"Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it, tiny mango?"

A Martin Scorsese film

"Sherri work!" she said, adjusting her thong. "You go now. Scare off Sherri customer."

Just like Grandpa's wiener

"I'm not starting Renshaw," bellowed Coach. "He couldn't find the ball if it was up his ass!"


  1. I'm dying over here. By far my favorite list ever. :)

  2. Your captions are KILLER! Brava! Thanks for the Found Porn shout out, I'll be inviting you soon.

  3. Captioning was everything and great, as usual!!

  4. "To baldly go where no baldy has gone before." haha! Very funny list, Cary! Your captions, like always, are the best. :-)

  5. These are ace, Cary...the best ones so far!!

  6. I love these so much! Now I have some more new words!

    Looks like someone is really good at making hilario. :)

  7. Well done Cary. Larry the Cable guy was a VP at the bumpkin agency before he blew Jeff Foxworthy and got a spot in his traveling bumpkin show.

  8. Crying here too; friggin' hilarious captions.



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