Monday, August 13, 2012

Make-a-Face Photoshops of the Day

From Daisy:

When I was young, I remember playing with make-a-face blocks where various features were painted on the sides of blocks. You could make different faces by flipping the blocks around.

Apparently I never grew up because I still think it's fun, except now I do it with Photoshop. Certain celebrities are known for making crazy faces. I thought it would be fun to play make-a-face with a few of the craziest.

How about Tom Cruise with Celine Dion's eyes?

Or Celine with Tom's mouth?

I swapped mouths on Lindsay and Celine.

What if Gary and Britney switched eyes?

And Gary and Oprah exchanged mouths?

Miley's tongue was a perfect fit for Gary's mouth, and I gave her his eyes. (Gary has enough crazy to go around.)

If you thought Charlie couldn't look any crazier, check him out with Mel Gibson's eyes.

And Mel with Charlie's mouth.

Finally, a crazy celebrity list isn't complete without these two. I traded mouths on Snooki and Kim.



  1. Hahaha! Well done, Daisy. You're right -- there is plenty of crazy to go around with this bunch!

  2. Hysterical Daisy!!

  3. Great Job, but i think I am going to have a nightmare tonite1

  4. Love it, Daisy and Cary! Gary Busey does not need any help scaring the hell out of me.

  5. Thanks, all! I'm glad you liked these.

    I thought Mel looked kind of like one of the apes from "Planet of the Apes" with Charlie's mouth. :D

  6. Love it, Daisy! I'd stay away from all of them. Miley looks like she's got the plague.

  7. Took me a few seconds to even notice you'd done anything to Snooki's photo though.

  8. Holy shit, Daisy!!! These are seriously creeeeepeh.

  9. You got the gift, gurrl!

  10. OMG. Nightmares of Gritney coming to get me tonight!



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