Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dead Dumbass Of The Day: Fiery Protester

Karma 1, Leisner 0.

Fiery Gay Marriage Opponent Who Torched Cheerios On General Mills Lawn Dies

August 15, 2012

The gay marriage opponent whose recent fiery, videotaped protest outside General Mills gained national attention--and triggered a criminal investigation--died over the weekend, according to police.

Michael Leisner, 65, died Saturday while running an errand near his Andover, Minnesota home. His funeral service is scheduled for Friday morning at the Emmanuel Christian Center.

Dwight Denyes, the church’s senior pastor, told TSG that Leisner (pictured at right) apparently died of a heart attack Saturday while waiting in his car for two of his children to finish playing tennis.

Leisner’s death brings an abrupt end to a police investigation of his protest outside General Mills’s corporate headquarters in Golden Valley.

In an e-mail today, Stacy Carlson, chief of the Golden Valley Police Department, reported that, “It’s being closed...due to the suspect’s death over the weekend.”

In a video shot by one of his sons, Leisner, a father of four, is seen trying to set fire to a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. But Leisner, carrying a blowtorch, accidentally set fire to the lawn outside the entrance to the corporate park. When he failed to stomp out the flames, Leisner told his son, “Quick, get in the car.” 

They apparently fled while a section of the lawn was still on fire.

Leisner staged the Cheerios burning to protest General Mills’s announcement that it would oppose a November ballot initiative banning gay marriage in Minnesota. 

Video of Leisner’s torching (which occurred earlier this month) was uploaded to his YouTube page (Live4Chr1st), where Leisner can also be seen attacking Representative Barney Frank and Bill Maher, while noting that President Barack Obama has “bent forward to accommodate the sodomites of New York.”

He also makes reference to "gay perverts," "fierce faggots," and the "depraved, debasing debauchery of gay activists."

In a Facebook tribute, one of Leisner’s nephews--a missionary in Costa Rica--wrote in Spanish that Leisner was as “bold as a lion of God,” though some would remember him as “a flaming Elijah.” Unfortunately, an English translation on the Facebook page mangled part of the tribute. “Please pray for the family of Mike to feel the spirit of God as dildo in this time of a loss,” the Bing translation notes.


  1. Some people are so weird. I'm not sure what burning up a bowl of Cheerios was supposed to accomplish. Crazy folks do crazy things when trying to make a point or take a stand. I don't know why people can't just live and let live. The mangled translation bit is amusing. This post makes me want to go buy some Cheerios. :)

  2. Hahahahahaha ... we Minnesotans are so proud.

  3. I was disappointed to read the dumbass didn't actually light himself on fire while trying to protest.

    Also, why the fuck burn up Cheerios as a gay protest?

    I thought if anybody they'd be mad at Nabisco for that whole "gay cookie" thing. But then again I'm not an unhinged nutbar who cares what other consenting adults do with their naughty bits.

  4. Imagine his surprise when God told him to GTFO, without the TF, of course.



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