Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beach Fashion Trend Of The Day

Not creepy at all.

From NPR:

In China, it's the height of the tourist season for Qingdao's famed beaches. But while many of the town's visitors want to enjoy the sand and water, they're not so wild about sunbathing. So they often resort to a local tradition: the face-kini, a sort of light cloth version of a ski mask.

Often paired with a long-sleeved shirt, the face-kini reportedly costs from $2.40 to $4; many residents simply make their own, out of old clothes. But observers could be forgiven for thinking they've stumbled onto a vacation community for superheroes in Qingdao, a city across the East China Sea from South Korea.

The beachgoers aren't showing their support for the balaclava-wearing Russian band Pussy Riot. And as Le Monde notes, they're not fans of the film Kick-Ass

Instead, the newspaper says, the head-cover reflects "an ancient sentiment in China, like numerous other countries: a terror of tanning."

In many cultures, a tan doesn't imply health and leisure, as it often does in Western advertising. Instead, it's seen as a connection to outdoor work, and the peasantry. Preserving one's pale skin, the thinking goes, implies that you lead a pampered, successful life.

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  1. They remind me of those Sleezstak creatures! :-) Either that or they are ready to rob a bank.

  2. This is almost asking for people to commit a perfect crime. Just rob someplace wearing that getup and blend into a crowd of similarly dressed people.

  3. So they're going to the beach, why?

  4. The word of the day is "Gimp".

  5. They can't just slap on some sunscreen?

  6. These must have been the guys that didn't make the cut for Blue Man Group.

  7. Gee, now I understand why they kept giving me the evil eye when I was there. I thought they'd never seen a fat person with big boobs before, now I know it was my tan.

    1. You may have been onto something with your suspicions about the big boobs thing. Tell you what, post a picture of them so we can judge for you, to put your mind at ease as it were.



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