Monday, August 6, 2012

13 Creepy Dolls That Will Kill You In Your Sleep (Of The Day)

Not as creepy as clowns, but almost.

She is very disappointed in you. Very.

Mom? Where's my retainer?

You are getting very sleepy. I might've put something in your cocoa.

John-John not happy. When John-John not happy, big people die.

You better watch it. The last guy who pissed me off won't be pissing anybody off anymore, if you get my meaning ::wink::

Look at these eyes. Do I look like someone who would creep into your room at night, climb up into your bed oh-so-quietly, and smother you with a pillow while you kick and flail and try to pry my murderous arms off your head?

Uh-oooh. Did that hurt? Silly hatchet.

Who, us? We're not up to anything, nope. :::whistling:::

I told you my eyes hurt.

Of course I wasn't moving. I'm a doll. Go back to sleep.

Little Miss No Name. I'm sad that I have no name. You'll be sad when you have no head.

Why did you leave me in the tanning bed, Mommy, why?

Heh heh HEY! Just writing your suicide note. ::giggle::


  1. The pictures are creepy as hell but the captions rock! (Although I'm sleeping with one eye open just to be safe.)

    The only time I stayed in a B&B they tried to put me in a room that was LINED with dolls. Uh, no. I don't care if they ARE Madame Alexander collectibles, get me out of here!

  2. "I told you my eyes hurt." hahaha!

    Nightmarish creations every one. The retainer one looks like it has been rotting in a grave for a while.

  3. Thanks for the nightmares!! A friend just sent me a doll from her childhood with all good intentions. It's the creepiest thing I've ever seen! I haven't slept well since I got the d***ed thing!! Oh well, sleep is over-rated anyway!

  4. Dirtied? Dogged? Demented? Diluted? Deluded?

  5. I wish I had kept the big ass doll I made my grandma buy when I was little. The thing terrified me, so I had to have it. I would have been a nice addition to the list.

  6. that last one is holding a pic of Richard Simmons, there has to be a story there.

    1. Richard Simmons makes dolls, which is not creepy in the slightest

  7. GAH! I wanna take a blow torch to all their faces! Kill it! Kill it with fire! As usual, your captions made me tinkle. A little.



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