Monday, July 16, 2012

Pics Of The Day: I Don't Feel Stupid Anymore

Yeah, some are Photoshopped, but more aren't, and that's even scarier. From Janis.

Side note: I'm on vacation this week so posts will be erratic. Bear with me. Thanks.



  1. I love Mexican Magic!!!

  2. I've totally done the first one. More than once.

    I remember guys in my hometown doing bizarre things with fireworks. One fella ended up having to have skin grafts on his ass. Roman candles + butt launching = ER visit.

  3. I like washing my car in the rain, not a storm, but in normal rain. I feel like less water is used to rinse. Of course, when I do that, though,I wear a bathing suit and not normal clothes.

  4. The two in the hillbilly hot tub look like they might end up in the ER too.

    Have a great time on your vacation, Cary!

  5. These all look like they belong with the Darwin awards...well, except for the overboard tennis(?) fan and the hat fail - that guy is just a garden variety douche.

    Oh, and the "shoe bike tires" were funny and sort of clever, I thought.

    The only one that looks obviously 'shopped to me is the last one, but I wouldn't place money on that being the only one.

    The guy holding up the grizzly cub is a special kind of stupid asshole.

    Enjoy your vacation, Cary - I hope you are somewhere not too hot and humid!

  6. But, but you *can't* go on vacay! And what am I supposed to do? Interact with my family??

  7. Nothing like getting baked and boiled all in the same night!



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