Monday, July 2, 2012

Instructions Of The Day: CPR

Read it. Learn it. Live it. From Dawn Beattie.



  1. Well, OK! I can do all of these things. I'm ready to take that certification test now.

  2. Step 7: Loot the body for valuables and wipe off all of your fingerprints.

    Planting evidence against an enemy on the body is optional.

  3. Boy, have things changed since I last got my CPR certification (which, admittedly, was over 12 years ago).

    Working on making sure the nips get and stay hard = most important!

  4. Capri-Sun should think about using this in their ads. I never knew of it's healing powers!

  5. i saw this a few weeks ago and meant to send it to you. you can never underestimate the restorative power of a capri sun flavor explosion!

  6. I was once "volunteered" as the Safety Officer for an office of 60+ employees, and at the first meeting, safety instructions were distributed, which included, as Rule #1: "Remain Clam". When I couldn't stop laughing, I was excused. I'm sure I would have been cool with the whole nipple thing.



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