Friday, June 29, 2012

WTF? Dating Profile Pictures Of The Day

From Tink and Buzzfeed.

More at Buzzfeed.



  1. I'd answer the guy who's going to be an airplane just to see how he flies. Fun gun, yeah.

  2. omg, those are classic and awesome.
    Thanks for sharing. :D

  3. I'm not always glad I'm married. But, today I am.

  4. Do you think that guy burned himself while trying to make homemade cheetos? Or am I just hoping for the best here?

    1. That might explain the band-aids. His hair looks like it's been licked by cats.

  5. Some people don't understand why I'm single. I will show them this.

  6. Oh my word! Heaven help single women everywhere.

  7. Some of these guys are just ... sad. I actually feel bad for the guys that think they're ready to meet someone yet this is how they present themselves. Yikes.

  8. Response to Emily Dean. That is a dude?

    The guy being "me just being me" and "me just acting kool" (with a "k"? Seriously?)Looks like every other guy on OKCupid in the Florida/Alabama panhandle.

    Also, I really want to know what kind of airplane that other guy ended up being. "Going for a ride," would have a totally different meaning with him.

  9. That last guy is creeping me the hell out! Put a pair of sunglasses on him and you'd have a somewhat dissolute version of Horatio from CSI Miami.

    Prairie Girl

  10. Good lord - these are real? With photos and/or answers like these, I'm betting many, if not all, are still single.

    "Fun gun" - ha! That made me laugh loudly.

  11. Response to Jill: I'm not always glad I'm single (well, yeah, actually - I am) but I am today! And re the dude in the severe close up/blue shirt: is that a prison visiting room? And why is his womb broom off-center from his dimple? So many questions, so little interest.

  12. I am not surprised that Quentin Tarantino is more into swords! And baseball bats ala "Inglorious Basterds". Oh, wait...never mind.



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