Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vid Of The Day: Bat-Climb Window Cameos From the 1960s TV Series

My favorite show as a young lad, by far. Check out my blog post about Batman villains.

So just who were these curious people who just happened to be hanging out in the same hotels as the Riddler and the Penguin? There's a list and explanation here.


  1. I loved this show. Watched it every chance I got. Of course, when I watched it, I was quite young, and I actually believed they were climbing up the side of the building. I didn't always know who the person was that talked to them from the window, but I knew they were supposed to be somebody famous. I remember getting excited about it when it was somebody I recognized. I'm surprised there were only 14. I would have guessed there were more than that.

  2. I always thought there were more, too.

  3. Hey! They weren't really climbing that building?!? Since I am such a young whippersnapper, I didn't recognize some of the cameos but I did like Sammy Davis Jr. Loved the blog, too! Can't decide if I liked Julie Newmar or Eartha Kitt better...

  4. "My name Jose Jimenez"... loved that guy!



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