Monday, June 25, 2012

Story Of The Day: Woman, Gay Best Friend Go on Another One of Their Little Adventures

I'm trying to think who this reminds me of. Oh wait, that's it--every woman I know. 

From The Onion.

Woman, Gay Best Friend Go On Another One Of Their Little Adventures

PASADENA, CA—With the intention of letting loose, hitting the town, and maybe even "getting into a little mischief," Christine Fehrman, 33, and her closest gay friend Paul Daganais, 28, have embarked on yet another one of their special little adventures, sources confirmed Thursday.

The latest in an ongoing series of spirited, anything-goes escapades, the day reportedly began with its usual hour of preparation at Fehrman's apartment, where the pair cycled through dozens of potential wardrobe combinations, covering the floor with clothing and accessories Daganais emphatically rejected as "not fun enough."

"After the amazing time we had last weekend eating crostini and browsing through Forever 21 together, I was just counting down the minutes until Paul's car pulled up and we could do it all over again," said Fehrman, adding that, as usual, she planned to document every step of the ever-so-precious trip with Instagram. "He's one of my only guy friends I can just forget about everything and be crazy spontaneous with."

"One minute we could be eating lobster rolls at a food truck, and the next we're kicking off our shoes for barefoot cartwheels in the park," she continued. "You just never know where the day is going to go with Paul."

According to sources, in what has become a standard ritual during their carefree little excursions, the two got in the mood en route to their first engagement of the day—brunch at a Peruvian café Fehrman saw advertised on Groupon—by rolling down the windows of Daganais' car and unself-consciously singing along to a playlist that alternated between Adele and Florence + the Machine.

Following brief back-and-forth banter about what it would be like if they dated, the two were overheard discussing whether to stroll by a nearby street fair, split a couple of mini éclairs, or get lemon-walnut foot scrubs at the local day spa, saying they didn't want to rule out the possibility of ducking into an expensive boutique so they could try on floppy hats and sunglasses "just because."

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  1. Hahaha! Really? With the exception of the bike ride through the park, that day sounded exhausting and kind of boring to me. I'm not much for shopping, and I don't have any gay best friends either. I also live in a small town out in the middle of a bunch of cornfields with no Peruvian cafes or anything similar to that in sight. The cookies at the end sounded good, but I'd rather eat them than bake them, unfortunately. That was funny to read though. :-)

  2. Stop spying on me, Onion. And Cary.



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