Friday, June 1, 2012

News Of The Day: Frisky Cows Make Jam

The bull has rebuffed any notion of interruptus--as well he should. Look at him. "Yeah, yeah, everybody stop and look. Why don't you take a fuckin' pict--HEY! I was kidding. Did you just take our pic, shithead?!"

From Amanda and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Bull and cow 'having relations' slow Route 28 traffic

June 1, 2012

Earlier in the week it was a pig running loose on the Parkway West.

This morning, Pennsylvania State Police are dealing with an amorous pair of bovines "having relations in the road" at the intersection of Routes 28/66 and Route 85 in Rayburn, near Kittanning.

"It's right in the construction zone so it's making a big mess out there," Trooper John Corna said.

The bull has rebuffed any notion of interruptus and police have summoned Pennsylvania Farm Bureau personnel.

"The bull's not very cooperative," Trooper Corna said. "We've had cows hit by cars before ... this is a first in my career."


  1. In the construction zone--that seems appropriate. :D

  2. I didn't know cows got "jungle fever" too. Uh huh. Gettin' their swirl on!

  3. A mother is waiting with her five year-old son at the size of the road. They see a cow and a bull having sex. The boy looks with amazement at the large beast and asks his mom, "What's that long thing hanging down from the boy cow?"

    The mother, wanting to avoid this subject all together, just says "Oh, that's nothing" and whisks him back to the car.

    Two minutes later the boy has to pee. So his dad takes him. They are at the side of the road and the two animals are still going at it. And he asks his dad "What's that long thing hanging down from the boy cow?"

    "Oh, well that's his tail" replies the father.

    "NO, in front of the tail!" yells the kid.

    His dad replies, "Son, that's the bull's penis."

    The kid, a bit puzzled, tells his dad, "But Mom said it was nothing."

    His father replied, "Son, that's because your mom's been spoiled."



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