Monday, June 4, 2012

News Of The Day: Busted Man Hid Camera To Spy On Breast-Pumping Co-Worker

Because there just isn't enough porno on the internet. Dumbass. From The Smoking Gun.

Cops: Man Hid Camera To Film Breast Pumping   

JUNE 1--A Pennsylvania man was arrested yesterday after he confessed to hiding a video camera above the desk of a female coworker so that he could secretly film her pumping breast milk, police report.

John Bednarik, 33, is facing a misdemeanor invasion of privacy count stemming from the surreptitious lactation taping at DeSales University, a private Catholic school where he works as a director in the Facilities Department.

University police were summoned Tuesday after Bednarik’s colleague--identified in court records as “C.S.”--noticed that a small hole had been drilled into a ceiling tile above her desk. Upon further investigation, the 32-year-old woman “observed a camera lens” had been positioned above her desk.

In an interview with officers, the victim said that she had gone into her office “for the purpose of utilizing a breast pump to pump milk for her baby," adding that “while doing so, her shirt is removed and her breasts are exposed,” according to a probable cause affidavit sworn by an Upper Saucon Township Police Department detective.

The woman said that after spotting the camera lens, she “dressed and exited her office and was confronted by…Bednarik exiting the office directly next to her office.”

When confronted by investigators, Bednarik handed over a Sony camcorder, which he later admitted placing above the woman’s desk (after creating a small hole in the ceiling tile) so that he could film “C.S.” while she was “partially nude.” He did this, the probable cause affidavit notes, “for the purpose of sexual arousal and gratification.”

A subsequent police inspection of the camera revealed that it contained footage of the woman--who is also a neighbor of Bednarik’s--“partially nude, utilizing a breast pump.” The video’s vantage point was directly above the victim’s desk.

Bednarik, free on $10,000 bail, is scheduled for a June 27 preliminary hearing. He is pictured above in a photo from his Facebook page that appears to show him drinking a margarita from a glass shaped like a female torso that is outfitted in a pink bikini.


  1. What a loser. He's also her neighbor? Ugh, she probably feels like there's no escaping him.

  2. What's a "Facilities Director"? Sounds like something gym-related. Or involving the school's vehicles (not that there's anything wrong with either sports or vehicle knowledge). I was totally shocked, though, to read it is a CATHOLIC school (heavy sarcasm). As former member, I can attest: that is one messed up religion; or it attracts messed up folks. And Facilities Directors.

  3. *snicker* I just noticed the positioning of the straw in his Facesuck photo! How udderly perfect!

  4. Um, what exactly is sexy/arousing about watching someone hooked up to an industrial tit-juicer? Believe me, it is not sexy in the least. People are fucked up, man. And by people I mean men.

  5. I don't condone the perv's alleged acts, but it looks like people are ignoring the fact that this woman voluntarily chose to be half-naked in an office that likely had windows for anybody to look in, while in a so-called catholic school. In such an environment, privacy is not a reasonable expectation. Would everyone feel the same way if this had happened in an elementary school? What if he had, um, pleasured himself in his own office? What would be the difference?



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