Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mother Of The Year Candidate Of The Day

Ya know, forced sterilization is looking better all the time. From Gawker and Rachael.

Drunk Driving Pregnant Woman Left Baby in the Car to Go Get Pierced

by Neetzan Zimmerman
May 30, 2012

Police in Houston arrested a drunk pregnant woman who was found sleeping off her buzz behind the wheel of an idling car around 2:40 AM this morning.

An HPD officer arrived at 5131 North Freeway to find 20-year-old Stephanie Irene Santana passed out in the driver's seat with her engine running and the front door open. 

Upon searching the car, the officer found several bottles of beer inside a diaper bag and some Xanax.

It was later discovered that Santana had earlier left her one-year-old girl alone in the vehicle to go get a piercing at a nearby tattoo parlor.

She was turned away by an employee who, after following her to her car, phoned the police. "I knew she was stumbling," said the employee. "I knew she was on something."

Santana, who faces charges of driving while intoxicated, endangering a child, and possession of a controlled substance, was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital. Her child was placed in the care of State Child Protective Services.


  1. M is for the many times she left me.
    O means she was charged with OVI.
    T is for the trouble that she caused me.
    H is for how often she was high.
    E is for her eyes all crazed and bloodshot.
    R means right and right she'll never be!

    Put them all together they spell, MOTHER. A word that doesn't mean that much to me. :D

  2. Yes, and it just *had* to be Houston, didn't it? Only way to make this story better is if she would have propositioned the cop. gawd....

  3. RachRiot: I am so surprised it wasn't in Florida....



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