Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Footwear Of The Day: Bandals? Sandaloots?

From Sheila, who writes, "Dear Casey...." No, wait, sorry, wrong note. Sheila writes, "A friend is looking for old cowboy boots so she can do this to them. It's apparently a popular idea and people are asking her to do this to their old boots. Aren't these the most hideous things you've ever seen? These people plan on wearing these in public."

To which I reply, "Popular WHERE?" To me they look like something Jesus would wear to a cowboy bar.



  1. "Dear Casey" HA! :-)

    I guess you should wear those when you ride your horse on the beach? So weird.

  2. I made a face like Mr. Mugshot there when I saw these.

    Nice way to ruin a perfectly good pair of Tony Lamas...



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