Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bungled Bathrooms of the Day

Bathroom designs gone wrong  ~from Daisy.

Hang 'em high!

They have an open door policy.


The Cone Head.

Your throne awaits!

For Siamese Twins?

PEEping Tom!

For the long arm of the stall

Make sure you put the seat down!

There, I fixed it.

Hope you can ride sidesaddle.


  1. These cracked me up. Nice work, Daisy.

  2. Holy cow.. these are hilarious. Love the one where the door is cut out to fit the toilet! I kinda feel bad for the MSOTD.

  3. A long time ago, I had to travel all night in an old bus. Since it was a charter for a show, the bus didn't drop us at a station, but at the venue and the only available facilities were from some government offices. I begged the security officer to let me in and finally was granted access. There were several nice and clean stalls, with doors that barely reached the waist after you were seated, in full view of any person who could come in. I couldn't do it.

  4. Karen, that was my favorite too. :-) I'm not sure how you could get in that room and close the door behind you to actually use it, either.

    That soccer game in the Motivational poster looks like a rough one. I think my sons played in a few games like that.

  5. The cone one makes me feel queasy, blech! Great list Daisy!!

  6. The cone one makes the most sense...if you've been anywhere and had to use a "squatty potty" I'd rather go in the cone!

    We have a beautiful, private (only available for rental, not open to the general public) roller rink close by...the stall doors are just like the first picture. They ARE a bit longer, but if the littler kids come in, they can see right into the stalls. I try to hold it if I'm there...

  7. I hope the people who have #5 don't drink. I wouldn't want to walk up those stairs drunk.

    On the last one, the bathroom in my last apartment was almost like that. There was probably 10 inches or a foot between the front of the bowl and the side of the vanity.

    And POTD definitely works for me.

  8. My grandparents had a "sidesaddle" toilet in their lake house. It took some getting used to but it was better than squatting in the woods.

    Nice work, Daisy! Well done. :)

  9. HAHA! Started my day out with a giggle!! Best morning this week. :)



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