Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Badly Stuffed Animals Of The Day

Ya know, I'm thinking that taxidermy is harder than it looks. Poor animals--as if death wasn't indignity enough.

Pics from this Facebook page and Buzzfeed.

"No! Wait! Don't shoo--"

Maurice Sendak did this one

Hooo-hooo-hooo da fuck did this to me?

Killed mid-stretch

Lucky for him, he has echolocation

You can't eat a donkey like that all at once.

Hey man, loved you in Ice Age!

Mom was a pig, Dad was a piranha

Gary Busey's grandpa

Next time don't use a shotgun


Can you see me now?


  1. Oh my word! It would give me nightmares to have some of these around.

    "Gary Busey's grandpa"--hahaha! :D

  2. hahaha "hooo hoo hooo" the fuck did this to me?

  3. Having grown up with a myriad of stuffed animals on the walls, I'm really glad my grandpa's taxidermist had skills. I was freaked out enough by the deer hoof gun holders and glassy-eyed Bambis.

    Hilarious captions, Cary. Maurice Sendak. HAHAHAHA!

  4. They are all horrific pieces of dumpster filler, but the ice age one made me laugh.

    That last one isn't so much bad taxidermy as it is just plain bad taste. Made me think of the monkey heads in Temple of Doom, speaking of bad taste....

    Prairie Girl

  5. I suppose there's a learning curve in Taxidermy, but really. I have to think (hope) some of these at least were done on purpose.

  6. Looks like that last one is attacking Chewbacca.

  7. This is so, SO, so, wrong, LOL!

  8. Cary, your captions nearly kilt me!

  9. Bravo on the captions! 2 disturbing trends however. What's with all the tongue-wagging and I notice a disproportionate number of carnivores with people-teeth. WTF?



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