Friday, June 15, 2012

Amusingly Inappropriate Tweets Of The Day

From Rich Girl Red and Mandatory.

(More here)


  1. HA! The Fetaljuice one and the waddling penguin one both made me laugh. :D Thanks, RGR and Cary.

  2. I drew stares at the restaurant I was laughing at these so big! It was awkward because two of my little students were there with their parents and they wanted to know what I thought was so funny. Oops.

    Aww, a "Sixteen Candles" reference. That just made my Friday. :)

  3. This kid is one day late and I'm trying the Fetaljuice thing! I love these <3

  4. Hay! Anybody here any more?!? Are posts about boobies still a common occurrence?

    Best regards,
    Your somewhat shut-in and partially-clothed semi-friend, Random Idiot.

    PS Don't worry, Pax. Just get in the pool. It'll shrink back down to normal size.



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