Monday, June 11, 2012

The 20 Most Shoplifted Items In America

Twenty-two, actually. Some won't surprise you, but some will. From Buzzfeed.

22. Kitchen-Aid Mixers

21. High-End Vacuum Cleaners

18. GPS Devices

14. Handbags

12. Jeans

11. Pregnancy Tests

9. Electric Toothbrushes and Replacement Heads

5. Allergy Medicines

4. Baby Formula

2. Energy Drinks

1. Cigarettes

Full list at Buzzfeed.


  1. How the heck would you shoplift a vacuum cleaner?

  2. I totally understand the Claritin (and Zyrtec) because I often find myself staring at the packages in the store saying, "Really?!? 20 bucks?.. how many days can I feel good for say.. $12??"

  3. Still trying to figure out how to get a Dyson down my pants!

  4. Wooooo THIRD!!!! - It's Elisa I'm too lazy to login to Google

  5. The baby formula is kind of sad. Claritin/Zyrtec too. Here's a tip: The generic is just as good and cheaper.

  6. All expensive stuff. Every time I go to buy replacement toothbrushes, the thought crosses my mind to forget to pay for them ;)

  7. How do you shoplift a mixer? That shit is heavy, I can't think of someone just taking the box and running. Or if it's out of the box, do you leave the bowl and accessories behind?

  8. Why shoplift a pregnancy test when you can get them at the Dollar Tree for just $1?!?!?!?



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