Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekend Links Of The Day

More to come. Check back later.

Teen finds human finger in his Arby's sandwich. It was the only real meat in the entire sandwich. Link from Sophie. (HuffPo)

The magic button that makes everything okay. Link from Pam.

Dude finds deep-fried roach in his McFries. I'd rather have the finger. Link from Mandi. (HuffPo)

48 things that will make you feel old. In case you didn't feel old already. Link from Hannah. (Buzzfeed)

Know your Bond women. (Vulture)

This is why we can't have nice things anymore. Link from Bill M. (TheMetaPicture)

25 things you didn't know had names. (Buzzfeed)

CAPTION THIS PIC. From Rich Girl Red.


  1. From the "48 things that will make you feel old".

    #48 Meryl Streep - She doesn't age.

    Well no shit, didn't anyone see the movie where she took that "live forever juice"?

  2. Wow. Ke$ha *does* look like John Travolta!

    That other stuff was cool too...

  3. I'm not too surprised at the finger in the Arby's sandwich. Isn't their slogan, "I'm thinking different, I'm thinking Arby's"? That's a little too different for me, though.

    The McRoach--*shudder*.

    I was expecting to hear a Nelson Muntz laugh with the magic button.

    I didn't need that list to make me feel old. I can do that just fine on my own. The list made it worse, of course.

    The bald Bruce Willis cleavage first gave me quite a start, and then it made me laugh at the "why we can't have nice things" link. Quite a few things at that link made me laugh.

    From the "25 Everyday Things You Didn't Know Had Names" link, I had no idea that I had "feats" on my head. Also I want to remember "Crepuscular Rays," "Desire Path," and "Petrichor" so I can use them again. They made me smile. :-)

    Photo caption: "Hey, check it out. I've got the pole set up for the volleyball net. Why don't you get yours up too and tell the girls we're ready for a little beach volleyball."


    "Seriously, Dude, lower that boom and jib back. You've run aground on the beach and there's no one here who wants to go sailing."

  4. Caption

    "Stand Back, I don't know how big this thing gets"

  5. Well done, Daisy. I love the captions.

  6. Those DID rock, Daisy! Good on ya! I can never think of captions...

  7. Caption:

    "Look everybody, it's the human sundial!"



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