Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meme Of The Day: Evil Cows

A little background from Know Your Meme.

"Evil Cows is an advice animal image macro series featuring a photo of two cows standing in front of a burned-down building, similar in composition to the original Disaster Girl photograph. Like PTSD Clarinet Kid and Vengeance Dad, Evil Cows image macros are captioned with first-person confessions of vengeful deeds, but often include references to the farming and fast food industries. The source of the original cow picture is currently unknown. On October 22nd, 2002, the photograph was posted to the social news site Fark in reply to a news story."

See more at Buzzfeed and KnowYourMeme.


  1. Old McDonald HAD a farm... these are cute!

  2. Badass cows. Moo you, muthafucka!

  3. Ha! I never thought of cows as being quite so sinister! Several of these made me laugh, but my favorite is the "How now" one. :D

  4. Flame-broiled...hahaha! Loving the evil death cows! :D



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