Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Links Of The Day

Too much good stuff today, folks. I'm just gonna lay it all out for you at once. Enjoy.

Oh how I love passive-aggressive parking notes. (Buzzfeed)

The Oatmeal explains why Tesla is a god and Edison was a douchebag, and you will enjoy it.

A what machine? (MSNBC/link from Jennifer)

Florida county bans 50 Shades Of Grey. Spirited public support and outrage ensues. (Smoking Gun)

The man who saved more than 150 people from jumping to their deaths at a popular Sydney suicide spot has passed away. RIP, Angel of The Gap. (Link from Smauge)

Give it up for Claire Dunphy! TV's best and worst moms. (Daily Beast)

The coffee faucet. Yes, faucet. (wimp.com/Link from Teresa)

9 quirky things you'll find at "cool" offices. (Cracked/Link from Mighty Joe)

Another post-apocalyptic TV series? Yes, and it looks kinda cool. Not "Walking Dead" cool, but cool enough.

Epic MCA tribute by a kid.

No, not everyone wants to be you, Jethro. Some of us want to kill you.


  1. So much good stuff, where to begin?

    The parking notes were too nice, Edison is a douch-canoe, Poo machine? Just no. Florida needs to get laid, RIP Angel, Yea! moms and yea! coffee. Having to go to work in *any* office is uncool, but that Revolution show does look kinda cool. Krispy Kreme and Money Maker need to hang it up and go back to being Subway sandwich artists.

    And the winner is... Kid's tribute to MCA. AWESOME. :)

  2. I love it when you shoot your load all at once.

    1] May the fleas of a thousand camels invade your armpits...NICE.

    2] I love me some Oatmeal.

    3] The Sabotage video is fantastic.

  3. If I ever travel to Australia, which seems unlikely, I'll know I can skip the museum at the MSNBC link.

    I'm surprised that there are libraries still banning books in this day and age. Why don't they just put them on the Closed Stacks shelves like everyone else?

    The Angel of the Gap story was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. It certainly answers the question of "What can one man do?". He had quite a calling, but at the same time, I can't imagine how difficult that must have been for him to live with watching the ones jump or fall that he wasn't able to save.

    The only quirky thing on the "cool offices" list that we have at the library is pop culture decorations on the wall. We have celebrity READ posters all over the place because the Director loves them.

    "Revolution" does look like it might be a good one. It looks like one of those that gets you hooked at the beginning, and then the story is ongoing so you get sucked into coming back every time.

    Krispy Kreme--ugh.



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