Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Links Of The Day 5/16/12

Okay so I'm gonna try this "shooting my load all at once" (thanks, Kari!) link thing again. Let me know how you like it. My traffic numbers will probably take a hit but this is easier for both of us. Or is it? Or do you give a shit at all? Speak.

The ultimate collection of 70s pornstache cigarette ads. (Buzzfeed)

News: prom chaperone moms dressed as soldiers spray Lysol on dirty dancers. (The Smoking Gun)

The web's best superhero prints for your wall (Cool Material)

The executive hoodie. Wear it like a boss. (BetaBrand)

Shopper bitten by rattlesnake at Wal-Mart. Link from Bill. (MSNBC)

Only a dick would wear these pants. Link from Wendy. (Fashionista)

The 44 most unholy sandwiches ever created. Link from Lea-Anne. (

Gratuitous NFSW photography link for traffic and because I like boobies. (Gratissimus)

FOLOTD Blog Of The Day: Karen Cooks. Does she ever. And well.

This looks awesome. I wonder if it's on Blu-Ray. "The first order of business is to find the guy responsible for these deaths." Brilliant. No wonder you're the police chief. (Link from Melissa H.)

An excerpt from the great Louis CK at the Beacon Theater. You can buy the entire performance for a mere five bucks--yes, five bucks--on Louis' site. I did, and it was money well spent. Link from Lizzer. (NSFW-language)


  1. Yeehaw! I'm runnin' with the big dogs, now :) I like it when you shoot your load all at once... it's kind of like getting a Carygasm.

  2. While I appreciate the "Carygasm" analogy, I have to say that I miss your witty commentary along with each post. I "come" for the sarcasm Cary.

    Prairie Girl

  3. Cary, is that you in the POTD? lol

  4. WHEW! That was a whole lotta load. But I took it like a champ. That Gratissimus link took me down a rabbit hole! It went on and on but I liked it. TWSS

  5. Yeah, I prefer the separate posts, myself.

    Also, I love Louis CK so much, it's retarded. He's the funniest man alive, as far as I'm concerned.

  6. I prefer the old format also. I'm a creature of habit maybe, but it's easier to look over and decide which post to focus on with the old format. I miss the longer explanations of each post also.



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