Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Inexplicable Cat Photos Of The Day

Don't ask me--I don't have cats. And honestly, I don't really want the explanations for these. From Buzzfeed.

See more at Buzzfeed.


  1. The one in the jar made me laugh. I don't know why cats so often are attracted to containers--boxes, jars, sinks, bowls. I had one that used to love sitting inside of an open brown paper grocery bag, sometimes peering out of the opening and sometimes facing the bottom of the bag with her tail sticking out. She was quite amusing to have around.

    I would suspect that right after the photo with the red bird was snapped that it became that cat's lunch.

  2. I want to comment on the cats, I really do. But then I saw the Portrait Of The Day. I just need a moment... so many questions.

  3. Inexplicable, to say the least. What's up with the tree trunk head??

  4. Oh, these just cracked me up! I do own a cat, and he does weird, inexplicable shit on his own on a regular freakshow set-ups like some of these needed.

    MPOD - Jesus FTW! Methinks His Second Coming would be a good thing now - no shortage of bankers that need to have the crap bullwhipped out of them. Starting with Wall Street, of course.

  5. I think the cat sitting in front of all those hot dogs might have been the genesis for the lolcats.

    Doesn't his face just scream "Can I haz cheezburgers"?

  6. Sarah Jessica Parker....on a fishing boat...with a cat!



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