Friday, May 25, 2012

Google Search Terms That Brought You Here (Of The Day), Vol. 5

You can't make this stuff up, folks. Actual search terms that somehow led people to List Of The Day. Some I get; others--wtf?

how many carbs in a turkey burger

celebrity penises

carrot top porn

fat ladies on the beach

colombian big snake

hideous people

carls jr menu

nice ass girl

slutty tits

prosthetic arm

cousin oliver syndrome list

funny tampon directions

marisa tomei sexual orientation

pornography cast little house on the prairie

unfrozen caveman lawyer

hidden satanic messages in songs

crack smoking women

hail to V

frog motivational quotes

vanilla ice movie

obnoxious prom dresses

wanked to on

hot mom flashing

priorities motivational

actor that made stupid career moves

the fall guy

funniest nyc homeless signs

how to fuck blossom maryim balek

flintstone porn

perfect cameltoe

phil collins is dead

most gruesome medical conditions

naked in walmart

magic gravity bra

barbie ken wtf

juice newton

thongs for men

rude hand gestures

im too sexy for my headgear

polish party girls dancing with guys

worst pirate joke

batman tv villains

plastic surgery ape

midget man in thong

extreme dog grooming

olan mills

nicholson nip

sex with dog

craigslist hot tubs for sale

rise of the sideboob

lady picking nose

simpsons phone pranks

we had the sex she made me soup

swedish pickup lines

euphemism for fingering

barney cast all grown up

worst tattoos on moms

midgets with short arms

climb a tree when dog chase you


  1. HA! Enlightening,isn't it. This list shows what a wide range you have, Cary. Of all these, "frog motivational quotes" made me laugh the hardest. I'm imagining someone with a pet frog who wants to motivate it (to do what, I'm not sure). Frogs don't do much, do they? They just sit around and croak and eat bugs now and again.

    I first came here following a link to your blog from another site. The page I landed on was a list of mugshots with your funny captions. It made me laugh so much that I kept coming back. That has been several years ago now. :-)

  2. I keep thinking there should be some kind of guessing game involved here. The person that matches the most search terms to blog posts wins.

    For instance:
    Craigslist hot tubs for sale = poo & spoo party

    Prairie Girl

  3. I can't remember what brought me here, but I thank the baby Jesus every day for it.

  4. I think It was the Olan Mills portraits that started it for me.

  5. I think It was the Olan Mills portraits that started it for me.

  6. Olan Mills portraits here too, made funniest by the hysterical captions.

  7. hot mom flashing

    I never thought those pictures would make it to the internet. Sorry, Cary.

  8. Climb a tree when dog chase you. Makes perfect sense!

  9. "how to fuck blossom maryim balek" was my personal favorite.
    Because there's a trick to it, obviously.

  10. A truly inspiring list of random searches! I too first found this site from the Olan Mills pictures. I haven't regretted it either.

  11. I remember the Smart Bitches sent me here but I don't remember why.



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