Friday, April 27, 2012

WTF Hair Salon Names Of The Day

And you thought "Shear Beauty" was bad.


How long will this take?


Oooh girl, who did that to your hair?

Come get whacked!

Where hair goes to die.


And one awesome name


  1. "Come get whacked!" made me laugh. :D

    I don't even understand several of these. Hair Potato? Fresh Salad? Do they serve lunch while you get your hair cut?

    Portrait of the Day is cracking me up. It might be a good idea to crop the bottom of that one off.

  2. Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Where my niece works in Ft. Collins, CO

  3. Is it Lady Gaga before fame on the MOTD?

  4. I've driven by "oh! my nappy hair" a few times when I lived in Atlanta.

  5. The Best Head one is extra amusing to me because, in South Korea, for some odd reasons barber shops of a certain type were fronts for minor prostitution: a certain woman would come and massage your arms and shoulders while you got your trim and then, if you'd indicated a willingness to pay extra, go down for the count. In some places it was just a rub-and-tug. In either case, she would take one for the clipper.

  6. Yep, Best Head and Get Nailed... always booked up.



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