Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Woman, 77, Arrested After Scuffle Over WalMart Parking Space


Fight over Walmart parking space ends in arrest of 77-year-old woman

April 18, 2012

PORT RICHEY -- Police say a fight over a parking space ended with an elderly woman driving around a Walmart parking lot with a man on her hood.

Harold Koller said he got cuts on his hands while clinging to the hood of a car as it drove recklessly through the Walmart parking in Port Richey Monday.

"I was laying on the hood. And I couldn't breathe," Koller says. "And I pleaded with her please just stop."

Koller says he ended up on the hood after 77-year-old Evelyn Danesi plowed into him.

According to police, the two argued over a parking space, one Koller insists he got to first.

Police say Danesi then keyed Koller's car in retaliation.

Koller says that's when he called police. But instead of waiting for them arrive, witnesses say Danesi took off, driving right into Koller.

Koller says he hung onto the hood while she allegedly drove through the parking lot making sharp turns and running over curbs.

"She explained to me that she thought the victim was going to do harm to her," says responding Port Richey Police Officer Gary Lush. "That's why she acted the way she did."

Police say Danesi finally stopped when she was cornered by bystanders. Koller says he never meant any harm. He says all he wanted was her information so he could get his car fixed.

"All she had to do was say, I'll wait for the cops," Koller says. "That's all I wanted."

Danesi has been charged with criminal mischief and assault with a deadly weapon. Bay News 9 could not reach her for comment.

An onlooker shot this video of the incident:


  1. Hahaha! It could only happen at WM.

  2. I am seriously reconsidering my beach home plans. There might just be too much stupid in Florida. (And that's saying a lot since I've lived in TN, AL, and GA.)

    1. RGR just remember that shit rolls downhill, and Florida is the southernmost state in the continental US.

  3. There is serious stupid and crazy in FL. TJ Hooker included.

  4. "Resist arrest. Please." haha! :D

    I don't get how people can fight over a parking spot at Wal-Mart. Our Wal-Mart and every other Wal-Mart I've ever seen has what looks like about three acres of parking spots in front of it.

  5. I can't believe I fell for that video...lean in, Cary...wuh-BAP!

  6. Funny, that little old lady looked remarkably like David Hasslehoff.



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