Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Links Of The Day

As promised.

Heck Yeah, Grilled Cheese. (Tumblr)

Forever Resentful Mother meme. (Quickmeme)

100 things your kids will never know about. (Wired)

It was only a matter of time. Boobstagram. (NSFW-ish)

Of Dolls And Murder, a crime scene dollhouse mini-documentary (2:06). From Kate.

Recreating movie moments in photo. Movie Mimic.

The 50 worst songs to play during sex. (xojane)


  1. I think my arteries hardened a little just looking at those grilled cheese sandwiches, but they sure looked good.

    The "100 Things..." list is right on target. My sons think phone books are ridiculous. They have all the numbers they need already stored in their phones, or they look them up on the internet. We don't even keep phone books at the library anymore for the same reasons. When I first worked in a public library when I got out of college as a reference librarian, we had six very big long shelves full of phone books from major cities all over. The physical card catalog is another thing kids today wouldn't know what to do with. If I had a nickel for every card for the card catalog that I typed, filed, alphabetized, etc. in my early years of working at libraries, I'd be in the money. HA! Every once in a while we still have an older person find their way to the library now and ask where is the card catalog.

    The doll house thing was creepy!

    They listed "Tiny Bubbles" by Don Ho twice on that last list. HAHAHA! That seems about right. :D

  2. Mmmmm grilled cheese food porn! Is there anything more beautiful than bread and cheese?

    There were some beautiful bras in the Boobstagram! I may have missed the point. If I want a boobstagram, I just look down. It's nice.

    The dollhouse thing was awesomely creepy! I loved the narration by John Waters.

  3. The movie mimic thing was kinda cool, more so because I've been to Venice and there are several movies redone there. I'd take Alison Doody over her stand-in, though.



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