Monday, April 2, 2012

Vid Of The Day: Top 10 April Fool's Pranks

I'm a day late. Can someone loan me a dollar?


  1. OMG.....I would KILL someone who pulled any of those on me! Especially the crickets in the shower....I didn't know guys could scream like a girl though~

  2. Makes me glad I'm not a college-age guy with roommates...!

    I think the coke one was my favorite, although I laughed hardest with the crickets and flour in the shower.

  3. I laughed but yes, there would be some dead roommates if anyone pulled any of this shit on me. The worst was they guy who pretended to propose. He needs his 'nads cut off while he sleeps. "Haha very funny muthafucka!!"

  4. @RR my thoughts exactly. It would have been OK if he had gotten back on his knees, begged forgiveness and really proposed. Instead he just left her with crickets in her hair. What would Lorena Bobbit have done??

    Prairie Girl

  5. Ay-yi-yi! Such shenanigans and tomfoolery! I would think anyone who pulled such stunts (especially the really mean ones)had better be watching their backs. Their victims might be seeking revenge, and no one could blame them for it either.

  6. Made my day, thanks. Teaching Aunty dumb fuck to lock her doors takes the cake.



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