Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pics Of The Day: I Don't Feel Stupid Anymore

From Janis.


  1. HA! Well, I think I will still feel stupid sometimes, but at least I'll know I have a lot of company. :D

  2. Daisy, I think you are using the wrong tense. "Had" a lot of company is probably closer.

  3. all look real except the last two

  4. I've driven off with my purse and groceries on top of the car before, but other than that, I'm feeling pretty good about myself.

  5. Not long before I left Germany, I left a pan of vegan brownies (I only mention that detail because they were expensive as hell to bake)AND our SatNav on top of my car. They both slid off with an alarming crash as I was rounding a corner to head onto the Autobahn.

    I have also backed over Bea's stroller (sans Bea!!) when only moments before I'd parked it behind my car to put it in the boot.

    And I've gotten a piece of wire fencing tangled up under my car and nearly went over a cliff edge in North Yorkshire because I couldn't see the sign saying, "DANGER--CLIFF EDGE" that was hanging on the wire fencing.

    Just last week I was so muzzy-headed from lack of sleep I couldn't get the nozzle of the petrol pump to fit into my car. Took me about 10 tries before I realised I had the diesel pump.

    Surprisingly, I have a very clean driving record!



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