Tuesday, April 10, 2012

News Story Of The Day: Cops Bust Up Frat Hazing Ritual


From The Smoking Gun.

Boston Police Bust Up Frat Hazing Ritual

APRIL 10--Responding early yesterday to a noise complaint at an off-campus Boston University fraternity house, cops discovered five pledges taped together in the building’s basement, where they had been doused with chili sauce, coffee grounds, honey, mustard, hot sauce, flour, and empty sardine cans, according to a police report.

The five BU students were in their underwear and had “red welts and markings all over their backs.”

Additionally, cops noted, the men had portions of their heads shaved in a haphazard fashion and had been bound to each other by the wrist with duct tape.

The quintet was discovered in a home occupied by 11 members of Alpha Epsilon Pi, an unsanctioned BU fraternity. Boston cops are probing frat members in connection with the apparent hazing activity, which left the five pledges “shivering” with “horrified and fearful looks on their faces,” according to the Boston Police Department report.

An officer got no verbal response when he asked members of the group--who were linked together in a human chain--if they were okay. However, the report notes, one victim “looked right at Officer and with tears coming down his face shook his head from right to left and back indicating no.”

After cops “cut the five victims loose,” investigators questioned suspects, each of whom denied knowing why there were “people in the basement freezing, humiliated, petrified and covered with all sorts of condiment type substances.”

As officers searched the Ashford Street residence, suspects--some of whom sought to hide in a closet and behind a mirror--refused to cooperate with cops.

Despite the frat omerta, police are continuing to probe the home’s residents in connection with the mistreatment of the nearly naked pledges, each of whom declined medical treatment offered by cops.

In addition to being doused with various substances, the hazing also appeared to have involved drinking a repulsive concoction. Cops spotted some red Solo cups filled with sardines and beer.

Officers also seized a “gray metal pipe with writing on it stating BONGZILLA used for swilling beer.”


  1. I honestly have never understood why someone would want to belong to an organization that requires members be degraded, humiliated, and injured in order to belong. I don't get that whole fraternity mindset, I guess.

  2. What Daisy said. And, sadly, it appears that nothing changes with these college fraternity idiots - I remember hearing hazing stories back when I was in college 25 years ago.

  3. Thank you, Sir may I have another!?!

  4. I'm very anti-fraternity (unless it's a service one, like Alpha Phi Omega), and I saw all kinds of hazing when I was in Uni. One of my friends was pledging a sorority, and the hazing got so bad she reported it...and they were shut down.

    I'm certain there are people with great frat/sorority memories, but I've seen more bad than good come from them. I have never needed to buy my friends that badly.

    Your POTD looks a bit like the Weasley family...

  5. I am a horrible person. I never did the sorority thing; never needed "friendship" that badly. But I can't help thinking that these guys have no one to blame but themselves. It's an unsanctioned frat. What were they expecting? And the rule, as I teach it to my 6 year old, is that if you don't like how someone is treating you - walk away. Peer-pressure is a terrible thing, but seriously, grow a freaking spine or stop being a whiner.



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