Tuesday, April 10, 2012

News Of The Day: Gravy-Wrestling Model Suffers Injuries From Monkey Wrench Assault By Best Friend

From The Daily Mail (UK) and Blong, who always keeps an eye out for hard-hitting news.

Gravy-wrestling model suffers horrific facial injuries after being hit with monkey wrench when she interrupted a friend having sex

By Eddie Wrenn
6 April 2012

A model who became a champion gravy wrestler suffered serious eye damage after being hit in the face with a monkey wrench.

Elisa Sampson, 31, was hit in the face by her 'best friend' Sabina English, after arriving back at her home in Rossendale, Lancashire, and finding the single mother having sex with another friend on her sofa.

When kick boxer Elisa interrupted the two with a shout of: 'What are you doing', laundry worker English jumped up and hit her in the face with the garage tool, which was lying nearby on the floor.

The victim received two fractures around her right eye and a gashed upper lid, which needed surgery and 17 stitches to repair it and which resulted in a 'deformity' on the eyelid and long-term vision problems.

At Burnley Crown Court, Lancashire, English admitted grievous bodily harm and was jailed for two years.

She was also barred from contacting Elisa for two years under a restraining order.

(Story continues here)

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  1. Yikes! With friends like that, who needs enemies?



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