Thursday, April 19, 2012

News Of The Day: Facebook Photo Sinks Man Who Stole Police Gas

Cops: 1. Inbred doofus: 0. From The Smoking Gun.

Facebook Photo Sinks Man Who Stole Police Gas

APRIL 18--A Kentucky man is facing a misdemeanor rap after he siphoned gasoline from a police car, a theft that came to the attention of cops after the perp posted a Facebook photo memorializing the crime.

As seen above, as Michael Baker, 20, was swiping the gas last month from a Jenkins Police Department squad car, he made sure to flip the bird as his girlfriend snapped a picture.

After obtaining a copy of the photo (which began circulating in Jenkins) police arrested Baker Monday evening for theft by unlawful taking, according to an arrest warrant, which alleges that he “stole gas from a Jenkins City Police Cruiser” and then “posted a picture of his theft on facebook.”

Baker, pictured in the mug shot at right, is scheduled to be arraigned today in Letcher County District Court.

While the siphoning photo has been removed from his Facebook page, Baker yesterday updated his 380 friends on his legal problems. “just got out of jail,” he wrote in one post, adding later that “yea lol i went too jail over facebook.”

Responding to a friend who had not seen the image before it was yanked, Baker assured, “yea lol u would just have to seen it it was funny as hell tho.”


  1. He's not smiling quite as much in his mugshot photo as in the one he put on Facebook. He could use some help with his spelling and punctuation too. Apparently ignorance isn't always bliss.

  2. You know it's almost unfair to the cops when crooks are this dumb. The idiots are doing half the work for the police just by being their brainless selves.

    Maybe they should just go that last step, immediately turn themselves in after a crime, and do all the paperwork for the cops.

  3. This is to funny. Yes, I spelled "to" incorrectly, on porpoise, as an homage to homeboy. Yes, I spelled "purpose" incorrectly, ass well. Well, this could go on and on.



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