Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hilariously Bad Church Signs Of The Day

There's a thunderstorm above me at this moment, so maybe posting this now isn't the smartest move. In case something happens, it's been nice knowing all of you. Thanks for reading. I'll see you on the other side (of the hot place).

And yes, some of these are surely Photochopped.

What? The Easter Bunny is dead?! No! It's a lie!

As long as it's a booth, I don't care

Hell's broke loose in Georgie and the devil deals the cards.


Keepin' it real for the youth, and only ten years behind instead of the usual forty

And bad puns

Probably belongs to the pastor

So was Joan Of Arc and we all know how that turned out

"#3 is god on Saturday, but God is #1 every day."

But I got to kiss more girls there so it's okay


  1. I'm glad the people who take care of the sign in front of my church don't put cutesy bad puns, fire and brimstone threats, or "we're better than you" types of messages out there. Usually they announce when the next potluck is or the dates and times the youth group is going to meet, things like that. I'm also glad that I'm not the one who has to do that. It's enough that I'm the one who has to change the messages on the sign in front of our library.

  2. I like the last one...particularly since our church has had several thefts lately.

  3. As someone who has spent 3/4 of her life in church, 100% of it being judged, may I say these are hilarious - the "10 years behind instead of the usual 40" made me snicker like a teenage boy. Church & church people need to stop giving people a reason to mock us. They're funny 'cause hey're true. ; )



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