Saturday, April 7, 2012

Disturbing Easter Bunny Photos Of The Day

The stuff of nightmares. Idea from Emmi.

Hmm, how should I cook you two? Roasted, perhaps? Or braised with a roux?

*nervous laugh*

Yes, ha ha ha, you're all going to die.

Whaddya mean you hate carrots?

Loved you in Saw!



  1. These are both hilarious and scary! Some of these I have to wonder if the person who designed the costume has ever seen a bunny before. The one in the last picture looks like it might have been a Chernobyl survivor.

  2. Stuff of nightmares. *Speed-dialing my therapist*

  3. Picture 1: That bunny looks ready to eat them.

    Picture 2: I see we're outsourcing our Easter Rabbits to China now.

    Picture 3: Pedobunny.

    Picture 4: Dogs are best in a stew. Ask any ancient Korean.

    Picture 5: I see the Easter Bunnies we've outsourced to China are now tainted with lead.

    Picture 6: LOLrabbits

    Picture 7: I see they've found a good use for the goat's head mask they use at the virgin sacrifice.

    Picture 8: Mom screwed up. That's a giant mouse.

    Picture 9 to end: more of the above

  4. Christ in a cardigan, they didn't even try with some of those bunny suits! Terrifying.

    *grabbing woobie and sucking thumb*

  5. Jesus...the Donny Darko rabbit would have been a perfect fit in here with the rest of these creepy-to-downright-terrifying costumes.

    Seriously, some of these are going to give me nightmares...time for a strong drink!

  6. And was Mugshot of the Day (shh... he can hear you) supposed to be a nod to Easter?

  7. Typing from under the bed. Yow, that's some creepy shit.

  8. What.the.hell.was.that? Let me introduce you to the cast of my nightmares.

  9. There's not a single bunny on whose lap I'd like me or my kin to perch. Nope, not a single one.

    God in Heaven.

  10. Bunnies, real live bunnies, are so cute and adorable. How can bunny costumes be so universally bad and creepy?



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