Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Detention Slips Of The Day

More proof that we need to go back to spanking in schools. I got paddled in school and look how I turned out. Okay, bad example.

"After a student said 'Can it be that big?' his comment was 'That's what she said.' These inappropriate comments are made too often.

"While involved in an elimination basketball game with Mr. Edwards' class, Brandon grabbed his crotch as if to say 'right here' to some of Mr. Edwards' students."

"Thinks it's funny to pass gas while in the van. I've told him to stop, that it's not funny nor polite to others in the van. When others scream he laughs."

From FunnyOrDie.com, Pleated-Jeans.com, Smosh.com, Detention-Slip.org, Huffington Post.


  1. "Guilderland High School?" Seriously? Sounds like a place that needs an "occupy the cafeteria" movement.

    If I had a nickel for every time someone drew a large penis on the blackboard . . .

  2. Hilarious...well, save for the last one.

    I have to say that if I got that letter about my kid from Mr. Hiliker, his or her "...blatant disregard for authority" would be rewarded. And, quick to find a new teacher or school.

    @RGR - I know, right? And some of us never outgrow the penis drawing habit.

  3. OMG, Mr. Hilliker is quite the dick. "Although he was correct, Alex would simply be better off accepting my teachings without resistance." I guess resistance is futile. Poor Alex.

  4. So calling someone a muggle is a bad thing?
    The "Hammer of Death" and farting in the van cracked me up!

  5. OH GOD these killed me- I got so many of these. Imagine me at an all-girls Catholic school in the '80's. Yeah.. I've got stories.

  6. The Mr. Hilikers of the teaching profession are precisely why my daughter is in a private school. Some of these teachers need to get a sense of humour. On the other hand, some of these students need a good caning.

    My daughter (13) had a "discussion" with one teacher about his lack of discipline in the classroom interfering with her learning time. He went on stress leave the next week. We opted for private school shortly thereafter. Turns out it was his third stress leave. Where do they find these people and why are the still employed?

    Prairie Girl

  7. My son went through the drawing penis stage. I thought it was so odd. He even drew them on homework papers he turned in. Junior high is a tough time for little boys. Adult hood is a tough time for big boys. Sigh!

    1. That entry and your comment made me think of this.

  8. I loved these...it was like old home week!! When I was a bus driver I wrote out tons of these (drove the short bus with the scary behavior disorder kids...YIKES!!) It always made me giggle when I had to write out exactly what some of the kids said...we had to be very exact about it and WOW...some of those kids made ME blush and that takes a lot, I live with a sailor and thought I'd heard it all!!!

    And I gotta say...drawing a penis on the whiteboard is better than a kid drawing on his penis with whiteout and showing everyone on the bus!!!

    That teacher who expects blind following is a huge douche!!

  9. "Disturbing other classmates with cat pictures during class." Well, now, that sounds like a pretty hard-core juvenile delinquent. :D

  10. OMG! As a high school teacher I died laughing at these, and the fact that my friends and I could add some equally crazy ones. Just last week at lunch we had a conversation about a student who uses a penis drawing as his "trademark." I'm surprised he doesn't use it as his signature.



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