Thursday, April 26, 2012

Commercial Of The Day: Say No To Crack...

Did that kid just say "Fuck off, man!"? 

Thanks, Afro Amber, for the link.


  1. Aw, shucks. It won't play for me. It says I should try later.

  2. LOL...we hung out at the roller rink, used to sneak off out back to smoke or make out!!!!

  3. I came back to try again, and this time it worked for me.

    "If we roller skate today, we will go to college tomorrow." Hahaha! Really? I thought you had to have a good GPA and a high ACT score and thousands and thousands of dollars saved in the bank to go to college.

    This could be the pitch for a new reality show--"Roller Rink Rehab." :-)

  4. I kinda like the sentiment--give kids some options other than making a bad choice--so can't really fault them there, but sweet sister of Fatima, that was cheesy. Particularly the old guy with the can of Krylon. Can you imagine being in a gang with a guy who'd have to re-glue his dentures before engaging in a throw-down? Or even, "Whoa...did you punks see that awesome Ollie I just did? Totally--OW! MY HIP!"??

  5. Is that a pot leaf coming out of the "I" in kingdom?!?!

  6. I don't think "unplanned pregnancy" guy has anything to worry about. He's not getting laid.



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