Friday, April 13, 2012

Commercial Of The Day: Liquid Plumr

What the shit? From Wendy.

Even better than the blatant sexual overtones is that oh-so-lifelike animated turd they flush from the pipes. Thanks for that, guys.


  1. Ha Ha, classic. Good find. I couldn't help but worry about the deli guys slicing his finger off.

  2. Well, that was bizarre. My thoughts went like this:

    How did they know to go upstairs to find the clog?

    Of all the plumbers who have come to my house over the years, none of them have ever looked like those two.

    If THEY came to the house to "snake her drain" and "flush her pipe," why is it SHE'S the one doing the work?

    Was that supposed to be a sink or a toilet they were unclogging? It looked like a sink, but that nastiness they unclogged looked like it must have been a toilet.

    And I know they say that sex sells, but that seemed like a major fail to me. I'm left confused, disturbed, disgusted, and laughing but not aroused, and definitely not in the mood to buy anything. ha!

  3. I, too, would purchase that. Twice.



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