Thursday, April 19, 2012

Animals Who Are Disappointed In You (Of The Day)

From Buzzfeed and Hannah N.

Lots more at Buzzfeed.


  1. Some people are so clever. I love these. Made me laugh. :)

  2. All of these made me smile, and I needed it today. I'm also thrilled the pictures came through, our school "filters" have been really picky lately. :)

  3. The rabbit knows what she did, and when she's ready to apologize and buy me a new shower curtain, she'll be welcome again.

    The sea turtle, I like to save water so I allow the dishes to accumulate for a few days so I waste less water overall. Pardon me for loving the planet.

    Hey lion, next time don't take me to a bar that makes "brain erasers" and leave me alone so you can score with that chick in the corner if you don't wanna read the kind of stuff I wrote.

    Let's see how judgmental a certain predatory bird is when I text his wife about all those "massages" he's been getting at Madame Wong's.

    Polar bear, see my reply to the lion. You don't sneak in a handle of vodka, dare someone to drink it until they can "see through time" and expect some bad shit not to happen. Besides, with the camera-phone pics I snapped of my boss I'm not losing that job any time soon.

    Penguin, baby hit me up on Facebook, I'll take you out for a nice sardine and caviar dinner and we'll talk. There's more than one solution to your "problem" and adoption is always an option.



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