Monday, April 23, 2012

The 21 Worst Things In The World

From Emily and Buzzfeed.

See the rest of Buzzfeed's list here. But first, allow me to add a few they forgot.


  1. I hate those millipede/centipede things. They make me shudder. They're worse than spiders in my mind. I was in a meeting once, and I happened to look up and see one of those things crawling across the ceiling. It was across the room from me, so I didn't do anything but just watch it. Then it suddenly dropped from the ceiling. I don't why it did, but it just let go and fell straight down and into the lap of a co-worker. It scared the living daylights out of her. She jumped up and screamed. It really livened up the meeting! I had a hard time not laughing. I think I was the only to see it fall. I felt really sorry for her and was so glad it didn't happen to me, but at the same time it struck me as really funny. :-D

  2. Jagermeister is the devil. Smells sickening and tastes even worse. And of course, just happens to be my boyfriend's favorite liquor. I'm more of a Bailey's or vodka girl.

    "Gangsta pants" are the stupidest fashion trend. I have a feeling people probably wouldn't wear them if they knew the meaning behind the gesture of sagging pants...

    Generic cereal is absolutely disgusting. It never tastes anything like the cereal it's supposed to be imitating.

  3. I would have laughed, too, Daisy! Those things scare me, too! I had one in my apartment in Chicago. It helped me make my decision to move.
    I hate that swirling rainbow ball, too, Cary! Apple needs to come up with something else, like a skull & crossbones when their shit gets stuck!
    The Michael Bay thing cracked me up! I don't see shit with his name on it! Although, I will admit, The Rock was awesome!
    Diaper Genies, I don't get them.

  4. I detest Jagermeister. I like what I like (bourbon) and I don't care if anyone else likes it. (Drink and let drink!) But those damn Jagermeister fans are downright evangelical and are always trying to get me to drink that vile, licorice shit.

    Great list, Cary. :)

  5. SupremeAntBee, the Diaper Genie is a place to store soiled diapers. It seals them up so you don't have to leave them in an open trash can or take them outside every time. Problem is, it still kinda stinks and then when it fills up and has to be emptied, you get to smell a month's worth of stinky diapers, all of them aged and even more ripe than when they first went in the Genie.

  6. Shortstack-yes, generic cereal of any kind is the worst. I think brand cereal is overpriced, but I'm still not eating off-brand flakes.

  7. Bad breath has to top my list. The last time I flew I was trapped next to a man whose breath smelled like he'd eaten his way out of a zombie. Every cough was like a punch from Chuck Norris. Not kidding - I just gagged remembering it.
    Instead of Michael Bay, I vote Julia Roberts. She is the kiss of death to any movie for me.

  8. The core of a TP roll is also known as the last resort. It'd be worse to not have it at all. In a foreign country, where you don't speak the language.

  9. People who think cologne is a marinade.

    Cigarette smoke

    Rap music

    Shitty tattoos

    Muffin midriffs on anybody (can you say WalMart?)




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