Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vintage Illustration Of The Day: The Drunkard's Progress

More like regress, if this drawring is to be believed. You'll need to click for a larger view in order to read the text. Example: "Step 4: drunk and riotous."


  1. Step 6--Poverty and disease with the bugs(?)flying about his head--nice! That one made me giggle.

  2. Here are the steps:
    Step 1: A glass with a friend.
    Step 2: A glass to keep the cold out.
    Step 3: A glass too much.
    Step 4: Drunk and riotous.
    Step 5: The summit attained. Jolly companions. A confirmed drunkard.
    Step 6: Poverty and disease.
    Step 7: Forsaken by friends.
    Step 8: Desperation and crime.
    Step 9: Death by suicide.

    I usually get in trouble around step 3, and try to stop around step 4. Otherwise, step 5 is a given.

  3. Yes, I'd say Step 4 and 5 should be reversed? I am always jolly BEFORE I am riotous..

  4. So where would waking up at 3 p.m. the next day with; your pants on backwards, your mouth tasting like freshly poured asphalt, a throbbing headache, a voice-mail box FULL of messages from angry friends, and the oddest feeling the cops are gonna show up any minute for something you have no memory of doing fit in at?

    I'm guessing step sixish?



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