Friday, March 9, 2012

Ridiculous Pictures Of Celine Dion (Of The Day)

From a Tumblr blog that was shut down by Celine and her people. Losers.

Of course, my favorite Celine pics will always be these.

She looks like a vulture.

Air guitar FTMFW!

She just saw Cher.

See what I mean?

"At the barricades of freedom, will you take your place with me?"


  1. GAH! Sweet Jesus, here I am trying to eat breakfast and you spring this on me. The short bouffant + pleather backlit pic is particularly disturbing.

  2. It's bad enough having to listen to her, now we are cursed with THIS! Blechhhh

  3. She's even stealing babies now, sheesh. I have to admit, I love it when she brings the crazy.

  4. Portrait of the day should really be your FB photo, Cary.

  5. The vulture one reminds me of Madam (from Waylon and Madam), and Cher does look pretty scary in that pic! Hahaha!

    I should do some new photoshops of her sometime--she's the perfect candidate with all the crazy poses and faces she makes. :D

  6. God, what a no-lipped, no-talent, hugely-chinned, massively-egoed blight on humanity. Imagine being married to her. I just threw up in my mouth.



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