Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flow Chart Of The Day: Heavy Metal Band Names

This amuses me even though I've never heard of 85% of these bands. (Click for larger view--duh.)


  1. It's interesting the categories they decided to use like: general spookiness, pointless misspellings, and Faulkner references. Ha! So random.

  2. 43 that I knew offhand. Might explain my minor hearing loss now that I think about it.

  3. I appreciate the creativity in the names. Unfortunately, I am unable to appreciate the music.

  4. Is there a Mexican Santa in the Book of Revelation? Does he drive a horned donkey powered sleigh?
    I didn't know Satan had awkward gropings, I thought he was a smooth devil.
    If by Anal Apocalypse you mean a night at Chipotle, then I decline.
    Death by Chocolate, surrounded by cats, gripping a copy of Twilight with your cold, cold hands.



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