Thursday, March 22, 2012

Event Of The Day: Zombie 5K

That's one way to get people moving. But once you hit about 3.5k and running on fumes you'll be all, "Eat me, I don't care. I wanna die."

Click the pic if you want more info.

Thanks for the link, Natalie D.


  1. Ha! There's one of these here in the Portland area at the end of October. I'm SO going to do it! Not sure whether I'll be a zombie or a survivor yet. Either way, I'm a slow runner, so I probably won't fare well.

  2. HA! No thanks. :-D

    I'm a walker not a runner, and I can barely stand to watch those gory creatures on TV. I don't want them chasing after me.

    Somebody was telling me the other day about an app that's out for the iphone called "Zombies, Run." It's some kind of a narrated game about zombies that you listen to while you are running, I think. What will they come up with next?



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